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Re: Is TBOBW As Good As You Remembered?

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Excellent point. I would say even certain Voyager episodes felt more epic and complex than TBOBW. You mentioned Scorpion, there was also Year of Hell, Dark Frontier, Unimatrix Zero, and Endgame. TBOBW does seem much smaller scale in comparison.
I disagree. Nothing in Voyager could ever seem really epic because nothing was ever at stake but the fate of one little ship. When I first saw BOTW I was afraid for the entire Federation, for humanity.
To be fair, in TBOBW it didn't seem to me like much was at stake outside of Picard and the Enterprise. Yes, there was that brief scene where we saw the destruction at Wolf 359, but other than that we didn't see many other ships involved.

this is going in a different direction, but I honestly prefer some of the VOY Borg episodes to TBOBW. TNG gave us the Borg, but I think Voyager fleshed them out and made them a little more complex and interesting. Season 6 Survival Instinct was probably my favorite because it explored their humanity and the psychology of the drones in a new and fresh way.

this is why I like message boards like this. I feel the opposite way on that. I think VOY made the Borg far less interesting and complex(although to be fair ST:FC started it with the queen) through their overuse, and it made them a lot less threatening as well.

The first two appearances of the Borg, in "Q Who" and "BOBW" remain their best to me. It's fun to get the other perspective.
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