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Re: [spoiler] & Bones McCoy or James Kirk Relationship Thread

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If they can write it well then this would be good. Kirk has abandonment issues. I think Carol could be a good psychological foil for dealing with those. But I have no hope in Orci/Kurtzman being able to write intelligently about deeper emotional issues.
I cannot wait until Orci/Kurtzman & Abrams are no longer attached to Star Trek or at least aren't the sole creators of new Trek. If they can't write good Kirk/Carol, Paramount should find someone who can. This new version of Trek will not get any real growth to it until it is spread out to other writers and producers like Trek was on TV. TV Trek always left it that if you had a writer you didn't like, don't worry, the next several episodes are by different writers.

Think about this; Star Trek didn't develop franchise fatigue until Braga started being given more control over the franchise.

Sorry about the rant, but that's how I feel.

Back on track about relationships; I never liked the Spock/Uhura thing. Thanks to the Final Frontier being the 1st Trek film I ever saw, I always felt that Uhura should be with Scotty.
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