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Re: Why Janeway is the Worst Star Trek Captain!

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At least Janeway wasn't the one wearing a girdle. In fact she wouldn't wear the dreaded "Star Trek Bra" but that is another story.
But that's obvious--like I said, Janeway looked like a sack of potatoes next to Seven. No matter what she wore she wasn't going to be any competition for Seven, but couldn't she have at least tried? For the series? When Braga told Kate Mulgrew she needed to wear a push-up bra, maybe she should have listened.
Yes it should have been a ship of Barbies. Women should all push their titties up to look good for you.
Well, that would be nice, too. But actually they should look good for the audience. After the addition of Jeri Ryan's Seven to the crew at the start of the fourth season, the shows' weekly viewer ratings increased by more than 60%.
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