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I hardly recognize the Lightspeed cast members.

And I just realized that in the last photo two posts above, Tommy has given his dragon shield to the green Samurai guy whose name I've already forgotten. (Was it Mike?)

And I'm wondering why Tommy is back in Green Mighty Morphin' Ranger mode, when his most recent incarnation was the Black Dino Ranger. Yeah, sure, the real reason is nostalgia and which version is more popular, but is there a story reason?

The Samurai Ranger and green ranger picture is most likely a candid moment

Tommy back as the green ranger is purely nostalgic.

He's supposed to use the ranger key's to change into the white ranger too

Jason David Frank with a special message from TMZ

-Ten chosen rangers

-Jason David Frank not doing it for the money. He'd do it for a dollar for the fans

Saban probably paid him a dollar salary. Cheap skate.
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