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I was just pointing out that her biggest movies aren't exactly things I'd be expected to have watched or know of, even if I liked more of the general movies that get released. The Fighter I just mentioned because it was on her list and I'd never heard of it (plus it sounds pretty stupid, even forgetting the fact that I think Christian Bale is a horrible actor). I was just trying to say that I think its unfair for people to know Amy Adams, and thats she's definately not a house hold name. I wasn't denying she's famous for some people, but the fact that I've barely seen her or know of her really isn't a big shock.
She is a household name. The fact that you'd never heard of The Fighter demonstrates that your knowledge of film is very limited. It was a major awards contender, got plenty of press, and was a box office hit.
I count the actors who are house hold names as people like Jack Nicholson, Will Smith, Clint Eastwood, Angelina Jolie, Bruce Willis, actors/actresses like that. There is no way Amy Adams is that that level. I'll admit I don't pay much attention to movies that aren't things I'd obviously be interested in (Sci Fi/fantasy stuff and superhero movies) but when even my Dad, who watches a LOT of movies, doesn't know Amy Adams by name then I know I'm not too off the mark. He has a larger taste in movie than I do (although neither of us like artsy movies or bizarre stuff that wins a bunch of awards, he watches a lot more of the general big movies) and he's probably seen her less than I have (probably only in Catch Me if You Can, maybe The Fighter). I'm not saying she's not well know by a lot of people, I'm just saying its a certain amount, and that if I went on to the street in an average place, I bet most people will have no idea who I'm talking about if I ask them who Amy Adams is.
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