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Re: TOS continues...

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Let's face it; some people like these things and some don't. If you don't find it fresh by all means don't watch it. The overwhelming response has been positive but you can't please everyone.
I'm generalizing here, but it seems to me Trek fandom is divided into two camps: one group likes want Trek to provide an escape into a fantasy world, the other wants Trek to be relevant to and delve more deeply into *our* world. There is no right way to be a fan, but I tend to be of the latter persuasion, and I think that was more the original intent of those who made TOS (other than, that is, providing us with entertainment and themselves with a paycheck). That's why I have a hard time seeing these fan films being in the same spirit as the original, no matter how much they try to make it look and sound like it used to.

I mean no offense to anyone who likes these things, and I have no doubt a lot of love and passion has gone into making them. Just as with the Abrams' films, these fan productions just aren't my cup of tea.
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