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Re: Star Trek Continues "Pilgrim of Eternity"

I checked this out yesterday on You Tube. I was very impressed. The production values are great. It really looks and feels like TOS.

I wasn't as enthused about the main cast, however by the end of the episode I was okay with them for the most part. It took a while to get into them. The guy playing McCoy seems the most unlike the original to me, though I did like his interplay with Kirk and Spock at the end, which felt more familiar. So while he perhaps is underplaying the original McCoy's mannerisms, there is some of the spirit there.

I thought the guy playing Kirk was a bit soft-spoken, but I got used to it after a while. I liked the new ship's counselor, which is a cool concept to introduce for a TOS fan series. I look forward to seeing how the crew deals with her, and how she deals with them. I also liked Chris Doohan playing Scotty. And I liked Uhura. The actress played her more youthful than I've seen her played before. I thought it was an interesting way to go. I also thought she was super cute. I wonder if that was her real singing voice?

I also really liked that they got the original Apollo and BSG's Apollo in the same episode! I didn't a double take when I first saw Bamber and hadn't really believed it was him until the credits. Hearing Marina Sirtis's voice was as the computer was also awesome. I like how the show is bridging TOS and TNG, but I hope it doesn't go too far with that. I don't want to see a holodeck on the Enterprise just yet. However if they found a way to slip the Borg in there I'm not going to complain.

This episode overall was a top notch production.
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