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Re: Oh come on Spock, it sucks! Big Deal. (SPOILERS)

I dont think saving the planet was the big deal here, it was a big deal but not Pike and co's main issue, it was that Kirk revealed the Enterprise (breaking the Prime Directive) and then lying about it in his official report which got him busted.

The Prime Directive always made more sense when it was simply dont make a primitive species aware of you or where you come from.

The TNG style "no interference what so ever who are we to play god!" version has always raised questions for me, if we adopted a policy of not interfearing with the natural outcome of events here on Earth today then technically such a Prime Directive could stop more developed countries sending aid to those affected by eath quakes or tsunamis or areas of severe and prolonged draught, something which most people I would assume wouldnt go along with!
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