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Anti-Borg technology and tactics

I know that the Borg threat is gone, but there could still be hidden pockets somewhere, or some Cube is thrown into the future from the past, and also they are gone only from ?one timeline/universe and there are still many other. So the Borg could make a comeback.

I would therefor like to ask, what techniques the Federation could have come up with to defend herself from the Borg menace.

These are some that came to my mind, but I would like to hear not only some feedback, but also different ones...

1. Quantity
Some 40 ships (depends on the year) are still not equal to 1 Borg Cube, but could 100+, 200+, ... ships fare better?

2. Hide in plain sight
Similarly as in Stargate Atlantis, if they just do not use advanced technology, will the Borg leave them in peace?

3. Trojan horse
As seen in Icheb or Future Janeway, if the whole species would get "inoculated", would the Borg be still able to adapt, if they are always destroyed after an assimilation attempt?
This could also include genetic engineering to get humans similar abilities/immunity to Denobulans or Species 8472 (although there are some 3 timelines, where the Borg were able to assimilate Species 8472).

4. Nadion-pulse cannon
A novelverse invention with bugs, but could they have been used against the Borg with effect, or would the Borg still adapt?

5. Aldean repulsor beam
The Federation could have sent humanitarian help and technicians to Aldea, they could have learned of this technology. In the regular setting, it could at least throw an approaching Cube away, in the full setting perhaps even destroy the ship.

6. Minosian Echo Papa 607
Would this drone be any use against the Borg?

7. Mentharian Aceton assimilator
Would these be of any use?
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