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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt on that.
Yeah, in context, it's clear he's referring to recent Oscar winners like THE ARTIST and SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE.

Just to belabor the point about Amy Adams, btw, it should probably be noted that Julie & Julia was hardly a small, artsy cult film. It was an extremely popular mainstream film that grossed nearly $100 million in the US alone. Heck, even my mother saw it and she almost never goes to the movies anymore.
I think I may have phrased something wrong. I was mostly referring to Junebug, which seems to have gotten a lot of awards and was big on her page on wikipedia, but its a movie I've never even heard of and so I mentioned it and that was the coimment about independant movies. Julie & Julia was mentioned as a movie that was big and popular, but it was definately made for a female audience so it was just an example of one of her bigger movies that I didn't think I should be expoected to know.

I was just pointing out that her biggest movies aren't exactly things I'd be expected to have watched or know of, even if I liked more of the general movies that get released. The Fighter I just mentioned because it was on her list and I'd never heard of it (plus it sounds pretty stupid, even forgetting the fact that I think Christian Bale is a horrible actor). I was just trying to say that I think its unfair for people to know Amy Adams, and thats she's definately not a house hold name. I wasn't denying she's famous for some people, but the fact that I've barely seen her or know of her really isn't a big shock.

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I realised that a long time ago, and I'm reminded whenever stupid things like silent movies or films about a gameshow in india are declared the best movie of the year.

Stupid things like silent movies? Seriously? There are a LOT of amazing silent movies.

Of course, what were they thinking, why didn't they wait for the invention of sound before the invention of film. Stupid inventors...

Actually, that was a shot at The Artist, a new silent film released in 2011 and that won Best Picture from the academy awards that year (like a lot of people pointed out) and the other I mentioned was Slumdog Millionaire. I remember seeing something about it on the news and just laughing about the fact that it was the goofiest thing I'd heard of for awhile. It was just used as an observation that I'm not in the audience for most film critic loved movies that win awards like that, because they're usually bizarre and not normal movies. Those two were the most obvious examples to me.
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