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Re: New Arrested Development! (SPOILERS)

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^ I would absolutely concur with your point about the change in Michael. He is, largely, my biggest compaint about the new season. It's one thing to see him having fallen from grace but the way he behaves throughout the fifteen episodes leaves a lot to be desired if we're supposed to be rooting for him the way we did during the first three seasons. I'm willing to let that one go though, because it's painfully obvious the ending of season four was specifically laying ground for the film/season five conflict between Michael and his son with the family in the backdrop as they all come back together.
I agree, since it was so clear that these episodes were set-up for something to come, I feel like I can't really fully judge them until I've seen what happens next. It's like that point in a TV show or movie when it seems like things have taken a turn for the worst and all hope is lost...until someone does/says/realizes something that saves the day and happiness or normalcy is restored. It's the part of the piece that is hardest to watch, but needs to happen for the good stuff that happens later to make sense. Unfortunately in this case it is 15 episodes long. Although there are still funny jokes and interesting parts, the whole thing gives me a feeling of unease and for that reason I can't see myself rewatching it.
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