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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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According to one article, Paramount conducted focus groups across the world. These groups were asked what they wanted to see in the next film. Their response:

The results from the focus groups came back that it should have more action and less of the stuff that makes Star Trek, Star Trek. They wanted less technobabble, less science, less talk and much more ACTION. They wanted Spock to lose the ears, less talking on the Bridge and no ‘’wacky costumes.’’

I would say that the new film meets most of those points. If you are a fan of Star Trek, is that the Star Trek you want?
I would say STID is more 'Star Trek' than ST09 personally. All the in-jokes and references that only the fans would get.

Yes there is action but I don't think its relentless and non-stop and it does not overshadow and detract from character interactions, it compliments them and moves the story along.

I realise that Paramount were told to get away from the 'Trekness' of it by international audiences but I think that was ignored completely by Abrams and they went MORE Trek. The difference was in the marketing. Paramount marketed the action and destruction just like the focus groups wanted. All they needed is action and destruction to throw in the trailers to market the movie more effectively overseas and they got it.

Its just a new producer that is doing things differently and has brought with him his own unique look and style that is new and fresh and just what we needed. This has happened before in the Star Trek franchise!

I would say Trek has fundamentally changed itself on a number of occasions under different producers. Roddenberry on TOS and then TMP. Bennett from TWOK to TUC. Roddenberry again changed everything on TNG. Berman made DS9. Enterprise again was a change in styles and era etc. Now we have Abrams. I think it is a refreshing new angle but I have some trouble with the writing which I will get over eventually

Changes in the look and style and production of Star Trek from the sets to the ships to the stories have occurred:

TOS > TMP > TWOK > TNG > DS9 > ENT > ST09

So it has re-invented itself 7 times with 5 different producers.
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