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Re: Why Janeway is the Worst Star Trek Captain!

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OK, let's go on to another episode. In "Scorpion" Janeway is in trouble so she offers the Borg a way to defeat their enemy. She thinks it will be all better if she gives some really, really advanced technology to starfleet's worst enemy.
Well it seemed to turn out fine in the end didn't it? And they got Seven out of it all which is a huge plus....
Not for Janeway it wasn't: Janeway always looked like a sack of laundry when standing next to Seven! If Janeway were to come out on top in the last episode, she would have had to blind Chakotay.
At least Janeway wasn't the one wearing a girdle. In fact she wouldn't wear the dreaded "Star Trek Bra" but that is another story.
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