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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

Modern action-adventure films are appealing to an international audience. Iron Man 3 speaks to an international audience. Changes were made to one of the characters so as not to offend the people of one country, a country with a large reserve of money.

According to one article, Paramount conducted focus groups across the world. These groups were asked what they wanted to see in the next film. Their response:

The results from the focus groups came back that it should have more action and less of the stuff that makes Star Trek, Star Trek. They wanted less technobabble, less science, less talk and much more ACTION. They wanted Spock to lose the ears, less talking on the Bridge and no ‘’wacky costumes.’’

{The article is snarkey, so if you aren't OK with that, don't read it.)

I would say that the new film meets most of those points. If you are a fan of Star Trek, is that the Star Trek you want?

I have observed that people can adjust to changes, if the changes are gradual. A major issue with the first film by JJ Abrams is that the changes weren't gradual - they were sudden and immediate. I remember as a kid being introduced to my dad's stepfamily when I was visiting him. I was expected on the first day that I met these new people to take on the role of a brother to a stepbrother and a stepsister I didn't know previously. I was resistance to the change. However, if the change was gradual, I might have acted differently. JJ Abrams could have introduced his vision of Star Trek with minor changes, and, once we had become comfortable with those changes, make a bolder statement with the second film.
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