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Re: TOS continues...

Well for one thing they're not pumping out an episode every week. Bummer.

But if they get one or two episodes a year out then...okay.

'60s era television also wasn't really known for character development, at least not in the sense as it's done today. I think evolving characterization started with some of the early '70s shows like All In The Family and M*A*S*H. Those were still episodic, but the characters did gradually evolve.

In the late '70s we started to get shows like Dallas and Dynasty then Hill Street Blues, etc. They were essentially primetime soaps aired on a weekly basis rather than daily, but we started to see more obvious story arcs and ongoing plot lines. Today the most popular shows seem to be ones with story arcs, ongoing plot lines and evolving characters.

So if the STC folks want to stay authentic they might not evolve the characters. That said they could be tempted to push the envelope a bit by promoting some characters into new roles. They've already introduced a new character, Elise McKenna, and she's supposed to be a recurring regular (as I understand it) so that's an evolutionary change there. But to remain authentic I don't think they'll evolve the characters too much.
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