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Re: Does Reginald Barclay have social anxiety disorder and/or Asperger

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Or perhaps he is like many of us today. Who just lean towards being shy and don't do well in social situations. Yet don't have any disorders.

what he had seemed to go beyond typical shyness, though. He was openly anxious and uncomfortable in social situations, not merely quiet or withdrawn. I'd say he had SAD. Great character, by the way.
Yeah. There's more to him than just being shy. I can relate quite a bit to him, and I have Asperger syndrome, except I am not an engineering genius by any means. I don't think he was explicitly written with any particular condition in mind, but he's definitely neurotic, and socially withdrawn.

It was refreshing to see a person in the 24th C, who is not perfect, and suffers from some very real social phobias. I like his character, too
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