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Kang is more of a shouty alpha male who in his youth would have bullied nerdy Star Trek fans in the locker room.
Hmm... How old is he in "Day of the Dove"?

Klingons mature awfully fast - physically. Mentally, perhaps not so much. And we don't even know if Kang was the senior Klingon aboard the battle cruiser; for all we know, he was Gunner's Junior Mate 3rd Class before the events of the teaser, and simply ascended rapidly in classic Klingon fashion...

Kor had major resources and failed to accomplish his goal, but he didn't actually lose much of those resources (just some munitions). His failure was not a defeat in the hands of his enemy, but the result of outside interference, and he engaged in glorious personal combat even in face of this overwhelming force.

Kang was thrust in a hopeless situation with the tattered remains of a crew, and improvised several bold and successful moves, ultimately accomplishing at least the goal of survival, but he lost hundreds of men and an entire starship. He, too, engaged in personal combat, but this time the outside interference was what was forcing him to do so.

Fellow Klingons would probably hail Kor and at most give Kang the chance to redeem himself in some degrading and hopeless assignment... Which he obviously did, as he got a ship again for "Flashback", and even had some honor ridges installed. But my vote would still have to go to Kor for the performance a Klingon would appreciate more.

Timo Saloniemi
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