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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

I simply looked at the money that the films generated. I am aware of the changes in the model.

Paramount was expecting this franchise rebooted for the next generation would be as big as a hit as the comic book films, which were reboots of films made earlier. I think Paramount was expecting the same returns as one of those early 80s films, where the films were returning 5 to 8 times their profits. It hasn't happened, and erosion in the audience is occurring.

For Star Trek to work as a movie franchise, the property has to lose some of its "Trek"-ness, because the international audience demands that. And the film has to appeal to those who are under 25, who, from a corporate perspective, seem to have different expectations than a person over 25. (These people seem to like F&F 6, which is doing really well at the box office.)

I think there might be a third film in 2016. I am dubious about a TV show because of the costs associated with sci-fi shows.

(The 80s movies had premium channels, laser discs, and vhs.)
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