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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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Here is a new article on the box office:

After quoting another article which said that only 25% of people under 25 saw this movie, I read this in the above article:
That makes it a less valuable property to the studios, which really want to capture a young audience. And it also means the series has less of a future, as the people who really want a new Trek eventually die off.
That is a rather bleak assessment about the health and future of this franchise.
WTF does this randomer from 'io9' know? Its a bullshit article by someone who knows nothing on a website that has no credibility within the movie industry. Just someone trying to score points.

Show me an article in Hollywood Reporter or Variety discussing this and I might be a tiny little bit concerned.

As for budgets, yes they have spiralled out of control enormously and I presume profit margins are lower across the board except for behemoths that do over $600-700m worldwide. There is not only box office here, there is DVD, Blu-Ray, TV, PPV, Rentals to come - something the 80s movies did not have.
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