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Re: Dumping Cable & Getting a Roku - Advice Needed

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Hulu Plus ($9 a month) allows you to watch network television shows the day after they air, and Hulu Plus is an option on the Roku box. So for the price of a Roku Box, and about $17 (Hulu and Netflix combined) a month, you can pretty effectively cut the cord to your cable TV.
Regarding Hulu Plus, why can't those shows just be watched for free on the Network websites? I am trying to figure out the advantage that Hulu Plus has over watching the shows for free on, say, There must be some advantage or else people wouldn't purchase it, I just can't figure out what it is yet.
Because with Hulu Plus, you can watch an entire series rather than just the last few new episodes, and that this includes older TV series' that won't get broadcasted on the network websites.

Ooh this makes sense. Yeah I don't need that. I stay current with all of my shows and use Netflix for anything older. But it does make sense now why people who aren't in sync with network TV would want that.

From everything you guys have said so far, I am thinking that I really should just skip the third party and go directly to hooking up my computer to the TV through a DVI-D to HDMI cable, which is only a few bucks on Amazon. This way I can watch both Netflix and videos from other sites in HD on my TV without paying for any additional services or equipment (besides the cable).
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