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Re: Oh come on Spock, it sucks! Big Deal. (SPOILERS)

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The actions and orders of Spock are what mainly caused Khan's ship to fall from orbit, Kirk was busy saving the Enterprise during those events.
The commanding officer takes responsibility for the actions of his subordinates. Kirk & Spock saved the Enterprise at the cost of 10,000 innocent lives. Even if you say Spock takes all the blame, why the hell was he around at the start of the 5-year mission then?
Spock didn't control where the Vengeance went down. Khan sent the Vengeance on its trajectory towards SF. And, what was Spock supposed to do different?

Would it have been OK to not destroy the Vengeance, and then Khan responds by destroying the Enterprise, then opening up fire on every Starfleet facility on Earth? That's a real alternative.
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