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Re: Why did they bother...

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Why did they bother with the original Trek crew in these new movies?
Kirk, Spock and "Beam me up, Scotty" is about all the unwashed masses know about Star Trek, and that's who these movies are for. If you don't play into that, there's no need to even call these new movies "Star Trek."
I've always felt that the more fans the merrier. I've lived most of my life liking things most of the people around me didn't and being judged (unfairly) for it. It's nice when things become more mainstream because then I can talk about it to others. But truthfully, TOS didn't age well at all (not many shows from that time did), and I wouldn't expect it to garner many new fans since the cheapest cartoons on tv look 100 times better. You need stories relavent to today, because the newer generation won't understand space hippies. Things have to evolve or die away. And I would rather Star Trek evolve so that my husband and I can watch it with our kids and their kids one day.

I have been speaking to friends and people at work who 'start' a Star Trek conversation because of the two JJ treks. I actually get asked questions about the other movies and shows because they are interested now that they have seen JJ trek. And ten years ago they would never ever start or even participate in a trek conversation.

I feel proud and happy that nuTrek has inspired new fans and just general interest in past trek from people who never gave it the time of day even just a few years ago prior to Trek09.

I'm a big TOS fan, like many, but I love the new interpretations of the characters. A breath of fresh air and an interesting take.

I am grateful to JJ and his cohorts. Fair enough, I have my gripes with their decisions etc but in general, I'm happy they took a gamble with TOS. It worked.
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