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Re: TOS continues...

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Thank you for the link. I'll read it. Still, what about Apollo's story called out for a sequel? What's the heart of this story? That Apollo and the Olympian Gods didn't have to be the dicks they were? It's a nice lesson, I guess.

Was slavish devotion to TOS set design and costuming necessary to tell the story, though? Might the thrill of seeing the excellent recreations of the sets be the real appeal of this production?
Yes! And the camera angles and the music and the costumes and the style of dialog! I watched the teaser and stopped so I can watch the rest for the first time with my Trek-obsessed daughter. Any old-timers will be glad to know she loves all incarnations including Voyager (what got her into Berman-Trek), but often chioses TOS to watch. We're doing "Adonais" tonight, then Continues tomorrow.

When it comes to art, the execution and the specific aesthetics matter. That's why JJ leaves me behind, with sore ears and jangled nerves. And why I love the original iteration of Trek. It is my first love and suited to my temperament.
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