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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

I started posting in here last week (See Enterprise is cool thread, which is probably on the second page now) because of watching the fourth season in syndication and being really really excited to see quality trek (First time in 6 years) again. The first three seasons were overall average, but season 4 was I still need to see Kir'shara, and I can't wait till the andorian arc starts. I think I was so convinced that the only season I'm getting from this show is the fourth season. I havn't seen maybe half of it (Or maybe just 7 episodes), but based on what I have I'm asking for it for christmas, and I've already bought Star Wars III.

As for me, nothing much else to tell. I'm a fan of TNG and DS9 mostly, but like all the series to certain extents, and have all of the original, TNG, and DS9, and 4 seasons of Voyager. I'm going to school at a community college and started my application process to a California State University today by submitting one of them. I'm from the bay area, been a trek fans since the age of 3 (I'm 21 now), and I'm just easy going and want to be cool.
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