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Re: Is TBOBW As Good As You Remembered?

Third Nacelle wrote: View Post
I disagree. Nothing in Voyager could ever seem really epic because nothing was ever at stake but the fate of one little ship. When I first saw BOTW I was afraid for the entire Federation, for humanity.
Normally I would agree, but in the case of Scorpion I thought they did a great job making the Delta Quadrant seem like a truly scary and dangerous place again, and making you really fear for the VOY crew (at least for those 2 episodes).

sonak wrote: View Post
yes they're as good as I remembered. TNG's finest hour-TV Trek never surpassed the BOBW cliffhanger of season 3.
Agreed, although for me the destruction of the Odyssey by the Jem-Hadar comes awfully close.
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