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Re: Why Janeway is the Worst Star Trek Captain!

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OK, let's go on to another episode. In "Scorpion" Janeway is in trouble so she offers the Borg a way to defeat their enemy. She thinks it will be all better if she gives some really, really advanced technology to starfleet's worst enemy.
Well it seemed to turn out fine in the end didn't it? And they got Seven out of it all which is a huge plus seeing as how they probably could not have reached Earth without her.

But since you seem to think that decision was a mistake, let me say this. All captains, whether you think them awful or not, make mistakes. No question about it. Janeway reached home with her crew still alive and her ship still intact and I'd say that's a pretty huge accomplishment.

She made a few questionable decisions. Kind of like every other captain. She made a few mistakes. Just like every other captain. But she got home. So yes, she did make mistakes (although I still don't think what you mentioned was one of them) but you're forgetting everything she did right.
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