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Re: Has this guy really cracked AI?

I thought some machines were already considered "AIs." That is, sci-fi fans may have one definition—where a machine is fully self-aware and on a par with humans—while real-world researchers deem learning computers with some measure of autonomy "AI."

What is the point of an artificial intelligence that thinks "just like" a human? Computers already help us manage vast amounts of time-sensitive data. What we really need is a system (whatever it is—it might be a computer) to help us manage the ever-increasing complexity of our world; increase our efficiency. That's a tall order even for a "mindless" machine. How does one program for judgment? (Alternate form of the same question: What makes the best leaders among humans? Logic?)

If the sci-fi definition of AI is ever achieved, it will likely be very different from us. Man and machine may well complement each other, rather than contend. AIs might be slaves, successors... or some third solution.
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