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Re: Why did they bother...

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If I have to use my imagination, they call that a shitty movie.
That... that's the oddest comment I've seen posted here...
To be fair, I have seen that opinion expressed here before: that it's the filmmaker's job to fill in all of the gaps and answer all of the questions, leaving nothing whatsoever to the imagination of the viewer.

This notion seems to be a relatively recent development, however, and certainly doesn't reflect the way most filmmakers in the history of the art have approached their craft. An engaged imagination has typically been a huge and important part of the experience of watching a movie.

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TNG was a fine show. TOS was a fine show. But they were mostly different shows. I can see also why some TNG fans who never followed TOS at all could look at it and wonder why folks found it so great. Then some TOS fans get overly defensive protecting the product. Bar fights break out. Hair pulling. Eye gouging. Name calling. Slapping. It gets nasty.
And then some Klingon calls the Enterprise a garbage scow . . .
And, as the sh*t is hitting the fan, you've still got to keep an eye on that scalawag Cyrano Jones, or he'll surely be absconding with all the beverages he can carry.
Always acknowledge a fault frankly. This will throw those in authority
off their guard and give you opportunity to commit more.
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