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Re: Oh come on Spock, it sucks! Big Deal. (SPOILERS)

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The Prime Directive pisses me off. What defines "natural evolution?" We're all a part of nature. Just because I come from another planet and have more advanced technology than you doesn't mean I'm not natural! If a volcano threatens to wipe out all life on a planet and I have the means to stop it, not doing so would just be douchey.
What about a war? To you interfere and end it?
No. That would be called an invasion. Now, if by chance you're pulled into it, I'd say you do what you need to within reason to get out, but that's all.

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There is a huge difference between a war about political ideologies and saving a civilization who has just discovered the wheel.
I promise not to get on my soap box, again, but yes, this is basically the correct perspective. Otherwise, the PD is completely amoral and there's no way Starfleet can call itself a humanitarian armada.

Think of it this way, there's a difference between going into a healthy culture, proselytizing and teaching the missionary position is the only way God wants you to have sex, and rendering aid to people after a disaster, or giving food and medicine to a sick and starving people without any conditions. Or, by the way, saving their planet from a natural disaster.

Even Spock apparently thought it was OK at least as long as they weren't discovered. It's not, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, unless you don't have warp drive, then suck it, buddy!
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