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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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I'm not a film expert. Looking at most of her movies on wikipedia, they're mostly styff stuff I have absolutely no interest in. I'm not arguing that I have the same tastes as snob film critics, I don't. I realised that a long time ago, and I'm reminded whenever stupid things like silent movies or films about a gameshow in india are declared the best movie of the year.

Still, looking at her movies on wikipedia, are low budget drama's or adaptations of stage plays that popular? What about movies that are completely made for women?Am I that ignorant because I haven't seen Junebug? Or Doubt, Julie & Julia, or The Fighter? These are not what I'd call normal movies, from the perspective of movies trying to get a general audience and not just specific demographics like only women, or people that like independant stuff. Not that she hasn't done several general movies, but all the movies that are listed as having a bunch of awards are mostly bizarre movies that I don't think I'd be expected to have seen even if I did watch more general movies and less sci-fi/fantasy. Also, Night at the Museum was a horrible movie, regardless of how much money it made. I'm not arguing that she's well known to some people, I'm just saying she's not what I'd call a generally famous star that everyone should probably be expected to know.
They may not be your type of movies, but it's not like they were small indie films that only "movie snobs" liked. DOUBT, JULIE & JULIA, THE FIGHTER, etc. were all major motion pictures that played in suburban multiplexes, not just dinky little art theaters in the West Village or whatever. And ENCHANTED was a mega-hit that most of America (and probably everyone with kids) has seen more than once. Amy Adams is far and away the biggest-name star to ever play Lois Lane.

(I mean, it's not like Margot Kidder was a household name back in 1978!)

Saying that dramas and comedies and chick flicks don't count as real movies is like saying that only hamburgers and pizza count as "normal" food, as opposed to all that "mostly bizarre" stuff like tacos and tandoori and sushi!

(And that silent movie, THE ARTIST, was a whole lot of fun, btw. You should check it out!)

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