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Re: New Treknology Into Darkness

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Because the former is a long-duration phenomenon while the latter is transient?
But that doesn't make sense. Communications signals come in on subspace carrier waves and if they couldn't detect them they'd never receive any messages. In fact the TMP Enterprise has a large communications bay where they filter incoming signals and notify Uhura what she needs to know (she gives the impression she does it all herself but it probably takes a dozen full timers downstairs to do the grunt work).

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And we don't really know if that is even a proper weapon. Certainly it's highly inefficient against a prepared starship, which can shoot down 100% of the "missiles" with ease, at least if they are targeted against some other victim (both the Kelvin and the Enterprise achieve this).

And nobody today arms or armors ships against piracy. It's simply not cost-effective; if anything, it increases the risks of piracy, because the villains now have the incentive to come aboard and rob the guns and armor!

Turning a drilling rig into a fighting vessel is probably flat out impossible at any century. Turning one into an instrument of devastation is trivial in comparison, as long as the opponent is unprepared.
This is where my suspension of disbelief wavers. How does Nero get the drop on 47 Klingon ships? Were they all parked up at MacDonalds waiting for their Gakh burgers? How many conclusively destroy the starship every time in the Kobayashi Maru test? It just doesn't ring true. It's like a chinese puzzle - you move one bit to plug a plot hole and it opens up a gap somewhere else.

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I don't want starships landing on planets
I definitely do. After all, there never was any reason why they could not.
I've proceeded on the assumption that it was to do with the amount of energy is takes to escape a planet's gravity compared to the mass of the ship. Impulse power and warp power were based on known physics with a bit of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff thrown in to make the maths work. A starship could always do it but it would take a shed load of energy and you'd devastate the local terrain using impulse power or use up a massive amount of your hydrogen fuel using thrusters (and probably cause widespread devastation if you were dumb enough to create a warp field on a planet, most likely blowing yourself up in the process).

However, the Saucer has always had landing struts so there was a suggestion that it COULD land if it had to. I viewed this as an emergency measure though since impulse engines won't get you very far in space and emergency batteries are likely to expire after a relatively short space of time. So it makes sense if the saucer is designed to land on a rocky planet (preferably habitable) and set up a base to wait for rescue. Although it has a lower mass than the whole ship, you'd still need a massive amount of energy to raise something that shape away from a planet's gravity.

NuTrek seems to have adopted the view that ships run on magic rather than physics. The NuPrise is twice the size and twice the mass of the Enterprise so that does raise eyebrows. The energy requirement to escape and in fact manoeuvre rather effectively and speedily within an atmosphere have nothing to do with real world physics any more. That is a great shame and basically dumbs down the franchise quite a bit. I loved the lumbering battleship feel to the ships as they plowed through space. Now they can zip around in a planet's gravity like a TIE fighter. It's just... silly. Sigh...
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