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Re: (Spoiler) Left Me Cold

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Don’t get me wrong, I still like STID … but after having seen it twice and having time to think about it … I can’t help feeling Khan was a letdown. Cumberbatch is good, I love his Sherlock, he’s just not Khan.
I agree. I loved Cumberbatch in this movie--except where he was revealed as Khan. That's what took me out of the movie and made me think "they're just cashing in on the name." I would have liked it so much better if John Harrison was either one of Khan's followers or was someone from the 23rd-Century that had been genetically enhanced. To me, Admiral Marcus was the real villain in the movie.

But if go with the article from our very own TrekToday, Co-writer Bob Orci originally argued against using Khan but Producer Damon Lindelof was persistent. The story was initially written without Khan but then a way was found to bring him into it.
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