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Re: Return to the Dollhouse

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I just watched Stage Fright and Grey Hour. I got to say, I'm liking the show so far. A lot of people talked about the first part of season 1 being bad or not important, but I definately don't get that feel. There has been important stuff happening with characters and setting up Alpha, and every episode has felt like it contributed something to the show outside of being a standalone. Stage Fright is my least favorite episode so far (I don't like normal pop music, so parts of the episode were very painful) but even it had important parts and I didn't hate it, I could have just done without the horrible singing.

Grey Hour was great. I liked pretty much everything about it, and it was interesting to see Echo out in the world without an imprint. Also, with these two episodes, the reveal about Agent ballard's "source" was surprising, although it made sense. Of course Dollhouse would do something like that to lead him in the wrong direction. For a first part that was supposedly weak, I'm liking Dollhouse so far. I wonder what will happen when I get into what people call the stronger second half.
Yea, alot of people don't have the patience for World Building, I too enjoyed it from the start. I believe you, like me, also enjoyed B5 S1 during it's world building phase, which is another series many have issues with Season 1 World Building.

Regarding the supposed Mysogyny earlier on for Dollhouse, in the first several episodes, it really wasn't known that Victor was a doll or that there were/would be male dolls treated exactly like the female dolls, that didn't come clear until Victor was revealed. So, for the General audience it definitely had the appearance of mysogyny and did indeed turn off many viewers (3 people I specifically tried getting into the Series, plus a whole lots of folks posting on various SciFi BBSes I frequented mentioned it as their chief complaint). Knowing the Series more thoroughly, of course we who have seen it all know better
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