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Re: Why did they bother...

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Okay, so who "owns" the Doctor? Who "owns" James Bond? Who "owns" Batman? Dracula? Superman?
The BBC, EON, WB/DC, Public Domain, WB/DC.

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I guess Leonard Nimoy will just have to write another book - this one called: "I am not Spock... Again."

Or how about: "For the last time, I am not Spock!."

Or maybe he could go the Borg route and call it: "We are Spock. You will be assimilated..."

He will start his own religion: "Everyone is Spock."

Self-help books: "You too can be Spock."

Shakespeare wrote Hamlet specifically for one man--even taking his parlance into consideration. He was probably the most recognized actor (in Europe) of the 17th century. The popular convention was "Burbage was Halmlet." Then he retired.

Since then countless men (and women!) have played the Prince of Denmark. None of them ever owned the character or was Hamlet any more than the others.

In fact the iconic image of Hamlet is of him holding Yorick's skull. His clothes, his face, all those other little things don't matter. But show a picture of someone kneeling holding a skull in his hand to people all around the world, and they know who it's supposed to be.

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you're likely to end up with a picture of Sean Connery ('most familiar') or Daniel Craig (current).
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