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Re: Was the reveal of the Enterprise-A a big surprise?

Actually, all we see is an Oberth-class ship, the front part of a warp nacelle, and the aft part of a nacelle & pylon combo that could belong to a different design. Can't really say they were any clearly Constitution-class ships in that scene.

If anything, the scene initially caused a brief moment of confirmation that Kirk and the gang were going to get the Excelsior until the last moment.
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That depends on if you accept the Okuda Chronology's dates, which has ST II-V happening over the course of 3 years (2285-87) when internal evidence from the movies show them taking place over the course of a few months at the most.
In Okuda's chronology, Star Treks II-III took place towards the very end of 2285 and then Star Trek IV took place three months later in early 2286. He then placed Star Trek V in 2287 after presumably a year-long shakedown cruise (or space trials) of the Enterprise-A.
They also have TWOK 18 years after The Space Seed rather than 15 (and yes, I am aware of the reasons why; and no, they can't be 15 Ceti Alphan years, since Kirk independently confirms the 15 year time-frame)
But it can be a figurative or off-hand number given by both Kirk and Khan. Quite a few people in the real world do that when being precise isn't an issue (Spock might be the only one inclined to give an exact number--even down to the month and day perhaps).
I think you have to assume that ST5 takes place shortly after 4 on the basis of Scotty's, "Let's see what she's got, said the Captain, and then we found out, didn't we?" The totally-different bridge appearance aside, of course.
Truthfully, that's one reason why I can accept Okuda's idea that about a year passed between Star Treks IV and Star Trek V. To me, it's perfectly plausible that the new Enterprise-A was in service for awhile, discovered numerous problems during that time (which would still validate Scotty's comment), and then returned to Earth to fix them.
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