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Re: Why Janeway is the Worst Star Trek Captain!

Feh! Janeway was correct in The Swarm; Equinox; Tuvix; Scorpion; Prey, and Memorial. All arguments to the contrary have been decisively exploded, except for Tuvix. But there is no "correct" decision possible for the Tuvix dilemma, given the crazy premises, so there can't be a wrong one either.

The conclusion that Janeway was crazy and a bad captain needs new arguments, since the old ones are so pathetic. Feeling generous today, I'll proffer a few suggestions?

Janeway was too humane in Parallax in saving the space amoeba. Worse, she was too favorable to Torres, who assaulted a crew mate for no good reason, just because she liked Torres' enthusiasm and quickness.

Janeway should taken control of the craziness in Blood Fever instead of letting Paris condescend to save Torres from a fate worse than death.

Janeway should have locked up Chakotay to save him from Seska. The script wrote in a save but plainly, on his own, Chakotay would have been changing diapers and washing her dishes for the rest of his life.

Janeway should have told Torres to get the hell out of sick bay in Barge of the Dead. Letting subordinates trip out on near death experiences!?!

Janeway should have reprogrammed the Doctor in Nothing Human (or was it, Only Human?) Time heals people, not computer programs. I know, I've tried it with my OS. And she should have pulled the plug on Crell Moset herself.

Janeway shouldn't have turned over the alien for execution. The Doctor found and cured the physical cause of mental illness.

Janeway should have bonked whozis in Counterpoint till he never had a chance to think straight.

Janeway should have put Torres into therapy, both during her supposed bout of depression (the one Chakotay slapped her out of,) and during the mad scheme to whiten her baby in seventh season. And put Chakotay in the brig for assaulting Torres.

Janeway shouldn't have been all weepy over Kim in Muse, since she hardly even spoke to him. And she should've demoted Torres for breaking the PD just because she wanted to help the guy finish his play.

Janeway should've checked the damn cargo in Nightingale, instead of letting a young officer fly off, especially when he'd already been emotionally invested in the aliens. This was grossly irresponsible.

Janeway shouldn't have punished Kim the way she did, but since she had, she shouldn't have let him yell at her on the bridge in The Disease. Again, she's his mother figure, he's not her surrogate son. There is no sibling rivalry between Seven and Kim. And there's no hint of incest baring 7/Kim

Janeway/Seven of Nine? Most guys seem to enjoy lesbianism if the women end up settling for second best. But Janeway never did settle, did she? Gotta hate her for that, right, guys?
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