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Oh come on Spock, it sucks! Big Deal. (SPOILERS)

[KIRK] Congratulations Spock, you just saved the world.

[SPOCK] You violated the Prime Directive !

[KIRK] Oh come on Spock, it sucks! Big Deal.
When this line was uttered I had flashbacks of various Prime Directive episodes and speeches for a split second! Particularly Picard speeches. I know the Prime Directive was broken a lot but it was not simply brushed aside so nonchalantly as Kirk does here in this exchange. I was quite shocked by this line from Kirk.

Now I understand why he did it and I understand that Spock probably talked him into the whole mission (instead of doing it Kirks way were the Enterprise probably zooms in from orbit above the volcano in full view) and I am glad he saves Spock for obvious reasons but instead of 'It sucks, Big deal' he could at least acts like he is concerned that he has broken the prime directive and dreads the consequences.

EDIT: I have heard it wrong, Kirk doesn't say this apparently. *facepalm*

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