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I think you'll find most people who don't accept Pine and Quinto are 24th century Star Trek fans.
Raging that its not Picard or Janeway or Sisko on screen.
This ties in with my own (completely unscientific) pet theory that it's mostly TNG-era fans that have issues with the new movies, because they're not "intellectual" or "utopian" enough--as opposed to us old-school TOS fans who grew up on a STAR TREK that was both "cerebral" and good, old-fashioned space-opera adventure.
I tried watching TNG, but just could not get into the characters. For me, they were very bland, and faded into the beige carpeting of the new Enterprise. But I did find the "less perfect" DS9 characters watchable; it helped that DS9 was set in a very un-utopian part of the Trekverse.

The nuTrek versions of Kirk, Spock, etc., have just enough of what I remember to make them watchable in their own way. I sure hope they don't get Utopianized into TNG-era blandness.
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