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And is it really only Trek if it looks like the Sixties vision of the future? I'd rather just enjoy the three seasons that were made than watch fan productions that try to recreate glory days.

I have no doubt everyone involved in making these has a lot of fun and is doing it for the love, and that's great, but I can't get through even two minutes of these fanwanks. Star Trek should be about the hopes and wonders of our own future, not merely escape into a 1960s alternate vision of the future. Star Trek is about addressing our own world and looking forward, not clinging to a past we can't let go of.

Seriously you can still stick to just the three seasons if thats what you want and ignore the rest.

I've made no secret with my views about a lot of contemporary Trek and I haven't been a fan of most fan productions for similar reasons you've cited. But with that said I can appreciate that these folks are expressing (and sharing) their interest in simply a different way than others are. I do have to say I think the STC folks have indeed raised the bar for these kinds of productions. And while I certainly don't consider it canon I do find it enjoyable in much the same way I can enjoy a good comic or decently written novel revisiting familiar characters in a familiar universe.
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