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Re: Interesting take on THE SISKO

It's an interesting viewpoint. I liked DS9 not so much because Sisko was my favorite captain(he isn't) but because of the situations and problems he had to deal with. It's great that Kirk and Picard boldly went to strange new worlds, but next week after they're meeting the new alien of the week, a guy like Sisko's left behind to deal with it.

DS9 was less about introducing us to new aliens(though they certainly did) and more about defining aliens we had already met. The Cardassians were just another generic bad guy of the week when we first met them in TNG. The Bajorans were just another sympathetic alien of the week. Even an old race like the Klingons were fleshed out quite a bit and don't even get me started on the Ferengi as they were in TNG.

The politics of dealing with the same races in a set area made the show interesting and the single setting allowed for all kinds of story and character arcs that a ship on the move wouldn't get. What would DS9 be without it's recurring guest stars like Garak, Weyoun, Dukat, Damar, Rom, Zek, Martok and so forth?

DS9 was a great show more than Sisko was a great captain. As for your article writer Steve, I'd take him a bit more seriously if he could proofread a published article better. Unless Sisco is someone I missed on the show?
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