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Re: TOS continues...

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I thought that on a technical level, it was fantastic, on an acting level, it was overall good; but honestly, I felt they tried to go too TNGish in a couple of areas:

1) A ship's counselor on a ship in the TOS era? (loved the actress BTW - very nice to look at ) - Come on. And I'd say the experiment failed as we never saw such ten years later in the TOS film era.

2) Kirk, wanting a consensus from his senior staff before je decides what he'll do? Seriously, are they trying to channel Picard in here? remember a great Kirk line from "The Corbomite Maneuver":

Kirk: "I'll keep that in mind Mr. Bailey, when this becomes a democracy."

Kirk does have conferences and does ask for opinions, BUT in the end, he usually makes his own decisions.

(And the above is nit picky I grant you, I just really do enjoy what they've done to date; but I'd ask the writing staff to keep the TOS era in mind, and try not to insert TNG style character elements.)
No, can't argue with those points. In fact they've been made by numerous people wherever this is being talked about---and believe me the sense is it is really being talked about.

I'd like to think these folks might have their fingers on the pulse of fandom and catching some of our remarks. They should take heart that overall their work is being well received and the nits are few and minor and can be easily addressed in the next project.
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