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Re: So now that (spoiler) signed up for a (spoiler)...

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having Chekov subbing for Scotty only underscores a weakness in the ensemble, that we have two characters doing broad physical comedy...and that they ought to find something else to do with Chekov. Perhaps this...?
You’re full of good ideas, TOM. Even though Russkies are notoriously homophobic, I know Chekov would make a great start. If Pavel started hitting on dudes hard, how could that not be more severely entertaining than a dalliance with some commie hippychick?

Besides, you’re entirely right about the subbing for Scotty thing. I’m about 1,000% sure that when the warp drive gets all jacked up beyond Scotty’s reach or repair, Spock is the one to call on to balance the fuel equation or do whatever it is he does down there.

And why stop at Chekov? If I and the gay agenda had our way, from now until the next 50 years every single character would be GAYGAYGAY, and the whole thing would be renamed Gay Trek. In this way, the straights just might get an inkling of how it feels to be a gay Trekker enduring a gays-free Trekiverse for so freakin long.

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