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Re: TOS continues...

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This was FUN!

It was almost like coming home again. JJ and TOS-R can eat their hearts out.
I thought that on a technical level, it was fantastic, on an acting level, it was overall good; but honestly, I felt they tried to go too TNGish in a couple of areas:

1) A ship's counselor on a ship in the TOS era? (loved the actress BTW - very nice to look at ) - Come on. And I'd say the experiment failed as we never saw such ten years later in the TOS film era.

2) Kirk, wanting a consensus from his senior staff before je decides what he'll do? Seriously, are they trying to channel Picard in here? remember a great Kirk line from "The Corbomite Maneuver":

Kirk: "I'll keep that in mind Mr. Bailey, when this becomes a democracy."

Kirk does have conferences and does ask for opinions, BUT in the end, he usually makes his own decisions.

(And the above is nit picky I grant you, I just really do enjoy what they've done to date; but I'd ask the writing staff to keep the TOS era in mind, and try not to insert TNG style character elements.)
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