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Re: Is TBOBW As Good As You Remembered?

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This morning I watched both VOY Scorpion and TNG First Contact. Scorpion was ok, not a great as my first viewing. It's certainly elevated by the presence and urgency of the threat Species 8472 added. Although the neutering of that awesome race occurred shortly after this episode. Scorpion I find is above average VOY on par with Equinox.
I'm no fan of VOY, but I recently rewatched the Scorpion two-parter and thought it was actually still really damn good myself. Between the new villains, great music, character conflict, and introduction of Seven, I'd honestly put it right up there with BOBW.

As for BOBW, I think it still works great for the most part, although granted even the average DS9 two-parter tended to feel a lot more epic and complex. But that's just down to the much simpler storytelling style of TNG.
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