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Re: TNG Reboot or Original Cast Comeback? What would you perfer?

RXTT wrote: View Post
It would be pointless to reboot TNG. The reason it works for TOS is that the characters became societal archetypes of a sort. Kirk, McCoy, Spock, etc. They were known to people who never venture near sci-fi anything. The TOS movies also showed the final arc of these character's lives, as we watched them get older, be promoted, and die.
I agree that it wouldn't have the same impact at all if TNG were rebooted.

LtChange wrote: View Post
If I must choose than I go for a reboot, and I would mix in some DS9 and VOY characters too.
1701-D with DS9 for a home port.

But if I would have the power I would decide a series set between the new movies and TNG, like ENT-B or ENT-C era, not TNG. I think I would prefer Enterprise B era though with a nicely redone Excelsior class that fits the new alternate universe ...
I'd watch that.
And that's my opinion.
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