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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

47. The Lost Tomb of Jesus: B
48. The Heat: C+
49. Fast and Furious 6: A-
50. Hangover III: C-
51. Now You See Me: A

Attended an advanced sneak showing of this last night and found it every bit as enjoyable as I'd hoped. Got lots of great crowd reaction throughout the film. The humor in this is very dry at times but works with the character portrayals and flows excellently from moment to moment. Morgan Freeman owns nearly ever scene he is in with someone, and Kaine kinda ups in one with his closing remark. The 4 Horsemen are a bit lacking on backstory but their backstory isn't crucial in the slightest to the agenda at hand. You get enough though. Ruffalo is great as the guy who is one step behind it seems the whole time. This is the type film that will also be fun on repeated viewings I suspect. Hope if finds an audience. I thought of one movie it felt like from one perspective and if you want to ruin the thrill of the mystery/suspense click the SPOILER BELOW
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