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Why Kathryn Janeway is the BEST Star Fleet Captain... EVER!

Q: Where's your stubbornness now, Picard, your arrogance? Do you still profess to be prepared for what awaits you?
WORF: The Borg ship is re-establishing its tractor beam.
RIKER: Lock on photon torpedoes.
WORF: Yes, sir.
DATA: Without our shields, at this range there is a high degree of probability that a photon detonation could destroy the Enterprise.
RIKER: Prepare to fire.
(Q swaps places with Data)
Q: I'll be leaving now. You thought you could handle it, so handle it.
PICARD: Q. End this.
Q: Moi? What makes you think I am either inclined or capable to terminate this encounter?
PICARD: If we all die, here, now, you will not be able to gloat. You wanted to frighten us. We're frightened. You wanted to show us that we were inadequate. For the moment, I grant that. You wanted me to say I need you. I need you!
(With a snap of Q's fingers, the Enterprise goes whirling through space again)

Her ship is thrown 75,000 light years away from home, and she doesn't need Q to get her back, much less save her from the BORG!
"But life is a battle: may we all be enabled to fight it well!" Charlotte Bronte
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