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Re: [spoiler] & Bones McCoy or James Kirk Relationship Thread

I'm conflicted about Carol because on one hand: yay another female character! but on the other hand she's kinda useless and forced in an existing group of characters that is already big and there is hardly the time to develop them let alone develop another character.
I worry that with only one movie left the "quantity" will end up ruining the quality here.

romance-vise here's the thing: romance isn't the point in star trek and they hardly have the time to handle the Spock/Uhura thing that is very subtle anyway.
The main relationship and most of the focus will always be on Kirk/Spock and their friendship then they have already introduced the Spock/Uhura dynamic and the Kirk/Bones and Kirk/Uhura friendships. If you add Kirk/Carol too this will become the Kirk's show and him and Spock won't be equal as protagonists anymore and honestly I'm not interested about a Kirk show. My biggest problem with this movie is how Kirk centered it was. Been there, done that.

Besides, I never liked the original Carol and I never thought that the Kirk/Carol thing was supposed to be this big love story that we absolutely need to see again in another reality. I mean, they have a fling when they're young and they have a son but Carol denies Kirk the chance to know him so kirk doesn't even know he exists he gets to know that only many years later when he's old and it's too late to be a father.
Honestly I'd prefer him with Rand or the onion girl Gaila or a completely original character.

I have to add that reading the after darkness comic is sort of confirming my worries about her character and how she seems forced.
putting under the spoiler tag
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