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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own ris

Posted by illya_kuryakin:
Posted by insert_name_here:
Need more spoilers? I found some, well they are sort of spoilers

Someone went to Vancouver
Since an AD has spilled the fact that 217 will be episode 18 of the season, I can provide a little background. There WAS a script for 218 but it was rejected by RM at the last minute. An idea that didn't work, apparently. I believe this may have been the screw-up he was alluding to on his blog. To fill out the schedule, 211 is now a two-parter.
So what, they just went back and filmed for for 211 to make it into 211 and 212?

Not sure how much I'm liking them stretching episodes into two or more eps like they did for the first part. To me it was too obvious and badly done.
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