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Re: Revisiting Arrested Development

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I got the hung jury part, but it didn't seem like AD Subtle like other episodes where.

I also started season 4 tonight. (And watched the first series finale) So far it's interesting, but I'm not really feeling the comedy feel yet. I hear it improves, but I actually thought the George Sr. episode was boring, and what did Hurwitz do with Michael. I want the old Michael back.
The two George Sr. episodes are probably the worst.

And regarding Michael, I look at it this way: For 5 years, he tried to do it on his own, and failed. He's just as terrible a person as the rest of the Bluths, maybe even MORE so because he has a false sense of superiority over his family. In season's 1-3, he does some terrible things but always justifies it in that he's better than the rest of the family.

Think about how much Michael complains about Buster's relationship with Lucille, and then contrast that with how he treats George Michael in seasons 1-3 (and especially in the first episode of season 4). It's exactly the same, but he doesn't want to admit it because he thinks he's better. He does some terrible things in the rest of season 4 also, but always tries to justify it.
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